Drinking Liquid Chlorophyll

Posted on February 3, 2011


Here’s something you wouldn’t outwardly think to drink: Liquid Chlorophyll.  It is, however, quite good for you.  And something you can drink, hence being on this site.

Liquid chlorophyll is to plants what blood is to humans.  Should you choose to become an herbal vampire and feast upon the lifejuice of earth’s bounty, it could very well do wonders for your overall well-being.  It may look like odd, hairy dark green drops of melted carpet fuzz floating in a glass, but there are numerous health benefits of liquid chlorophyll that most people know nothing about.  That’s right – yesterday might have been about me consuming an oversize bottle of wine and going numb, but today we’re talking healthy.

Red blood cells.  Know about those?  They’re basically what keeps everything inside you going and are key players in your health.  Chlorophyll is a means to supply your body with the tools to keep them clean and healthy.  Its molecular structure is almost identical to human hemoglobin, which is the junk that carries all those nice little red blood cells throughout your 2,000 parts.  I mean, you’re drinking the blood of plants here.  Obviously that’s good for you.

Energiseforlife has a great post about red blood cells, chlorophyll, and the wondrous effects it has on your body.  In lieu of rehashing all their info, go check it out yourself.

On a personal level, I’ve been drinking liquid chlorophyll for six-ish months on an almost-nightly basis. ( I’m awake about 19-20 hours per day, so I forget sometimes.  Shoot me.)  Drinking the stuff was first suggested to me by my chiropractor/nutritionist because I was suffering from chronic headaches.  My cranial mass was causing me some severe acheage (I just created that word) all day, every day, for several weeks.  He told me this is a nearly impossible thing to experience without a chemical imbalance happening inside the body, and gave me a bottle of liquid chlorophyll to help even everything out.

With an eyedropper-like device, I shot two vials of liquid chlorophyll into a small glass of orange juice every night for a few days.  No more headaches.  I kept going after that to keep them away, and after learning about all the other potential health benefits.  What are those benefits?  They include everything from acting as an anti-carcinogenic to an anti-inflammatory, treating bad breath, mega amounts of vitamins K, C, folic acid, iron and calcium, and more.

Drinking it mixed with orange juice isn’t required.  It just makes it look less disgusting.  The chlorophyll itself has no taste, but when you look at creepy green nast floating in a glass, your brain makes something up and tells you it’s worse than it is.

The other effect I’ve received is a noticeable increase in my daily energy level.  As mentioned, I don’t sleep a whole lot each night, so it’s easy for me to drag.  A few gulps of this wounded plant ooze and it makes the day slightly more manageable.

So yeah.  Try it.  One thing is for sure – it can’t hurt.  It’s in every green vegetable you’ve ever eaten in your life, so it’s not like your body hasn’t had any before.  Taking it straight up will give you a mad 1.21 gigawatt blast of the good stuff.

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